Peaceful Annihilation EP (2012)

by West Ghost

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released January 28, 2012



all rights reserved


West Ghost Finland

Founded in the early year 2006 with a little help from our magical friends of M.I.L.F. and a heavy dose of no-school quark-core...

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Track Name: Bl'astin' The Flag
Goon mounts the bride with no lube
- a jarhead on speed with attitude -
tearing her apart

There's a love song on the radio
And the band plays on
while the rape goes on

Piled up spoils wrapped in rags
Back to Me-land on a bodybag
The way to go...

Now the corpse's slowly flowering
giving one a wink
with touch of stink

There's a peace song on the radio
And the band plays on
while the heist goes on

And the war goes on...
Track Name: Bardo Breath
Holding breath 'till Your eyes start to roll
Flashing sights of the future-past stroll
Blood comes rushing, sweat moisting balls
All this fun for kicking down all the walls

Where the fuck are You coming from?
And what the fuck is going on...?
So many questions and more to come
'till the source arise and You'll be gone

De-programming, flushing down the junk
Thought's melting, drowning all the funk
What's left - well, I have no idea
Free at last from the mental diarrhea

Where the fuck are You coming from...
Track Name: The Way Is In
Blaming others, cursing god
for not giving what You want

This is the life You miss so much:
the end of struggle, divine touch
- Divine touch...

"Just look inside...
There's no-one.
See the sky...
Be the sun..."
Track Name: Peaceful Annihilation
Bombs away...
Making You pay
for trying to live Your own way

Media control
Bankster puppet show
Ramming kleptocracy down Your throat

Breakdown... I came to take what was Yours
This time it will hurt more than it did before
Breakdown... I came to take what was Yours
I come in peace to annihilate & I never knock the door...
Track Name: Posizione (feat. MC SNITCH)
Niente da dire
Nulla a che fare
Basta sedersi
Guardando la luna

Suoni di grilli
Odore di foglie morte
Tutto questo è gratis
con il vuoto all'interno

Chi se ne frega tutti i soldi e la ricchezza
quando il vero tesoro è dentro di te

Chi se ne frega tutti i soldi e la ricchezza
quando il vero tesoro è dentro di te
Chi se ne frega di tutte le cose del passato
quando l'eternità è qui a portata di mano
Track Name: Stillborn Idea
The masses need to be manipulated
by an invisible world government
The Troika is here to be fed
Central banksters with EU and IMF

Old school thugs with Friedman clubs
They are calling all the shots
Meth fund financed liquidator
reaps the harvest from debtor's guts

Solving the problem
by creating a new one
Boom and bust cycle
keeps on crunching as usual

Going after the hedges
and not for the roots
Makes room on one's face
for a new pair of shiny boots

The masses need to be manipulated...